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Height: 15-17 inches (male) 14-16 inches (female). Upper Thigh well muscled. Share The first recorded litter born in the United States was in 1999. Black hair tips (earrings) are highly desirable. Find a puppy: Nederlandse kooikerhondje akc marketplace puppyFinder akc marketplace is the only site to exclusively list 100 akc puppies from akc-registered litters and the breeders who have cared for and raised these puppies are required to follow maken rules and regulations established by the akc. Good breeders utilize genetic testing of their breeding stock to reduce the likelihood of disease in their puppies. Vereniging Het Nederlandse kooikerhondje

Looking for online definition of kooikerhond in the medical Dictionary? Meaning of kooikerhond medical term. Kooikerhondjes Bennie en Jurre Kooikerhondje dog Breed Information - vetstreet Kooikerhondje dog Breed Information, pictures

intelligentie kunnen we zowel gevoelig als dominant zijn tijdens onze jeugd. Kooikerhondjes Van Den Iserman hoeve for the latest updates and pictures of our kooikerhondjes. If you are interested in a kooiker puppy of your own.

kooiker hond

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Life Expectancy: 12-14 years, group: Sporting Group, general appearnce. They are not recommended for homes with small or loud, boisterous children. Kooikerhondje's were used to decoy and hunt ducks. Temperament: plaat Friendly, alert, quick, akc breed Popularity: Ranks of 192. Kooikers - kooikerhondjes In California

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  • Kooiker, hound, kooiker ) Information and Facts, including buying advice, photos, average costs to own and health care tips.

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Kooikerhondjes Aliases: kooiker, kooiker, dog, kooiker, hound, dutch Decoy dog kooikerhondje for Sale. Kooiker, hound, is a small spaniel-type breed of dog of Dutch ancestry that was originally used as a working dog. Find great deals on ebay for kooikerhondje. Kooikers is a small kennel in Alvin, texas, usa. The kooikerhondje is described as a small red and white spaniel like sporting dog.

The kooikerhondje (koi-ker- hond -yuh)—the little white and orange dog with a big heart —is a sporty. Small waterfowl decoy dog of dutch ancestory. We are expecting our litter of kooikerhondje puppies. Wat leuk dat u onze kooiker -website bezoekt. Wij zijn Jan en Fija bakhuizen, onze eerste hond, was Dinky een boerenhondje, dus rasloos, en wat hebben we een. Looking for online definition of kooikerhondje in the medical Dictionary? Meaning of kooikerhondje medical term.

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Welcome to your vrouw source for all things kooikerhondje. Please browse our website for helpful information about this white and orange charmer, and check our Membership. Find kooikerhondje puppies for sale with pictures from reputable kooikerhondje breeders. Ask questions and learn about kooikerhondjes.

This also includes health information. Elbow, close to the body. Stop seen in profile clearly visible but not too deep. Seen from the rear, straight and parallel. A trap they call a "kooi" was built on ponds that are frequented by waterfowl. The outer coat is water-proof, medium to long in length, sleek, and slightly wavy. By the time the ducks would lose interest and return to the mouth of the trap, the hunter is already there to block the way with nets. No feathering below the hock joints.

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    This active, red and white dutch retriever greets most challenges with enthusiasm. Kooikerhondje information including pictures. And many hounds simply must follow their noses.

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    Kooiker is thought to be the ancestor of the toller. Welcome - kooikerhondjes since 1998. Kooiker, facebook photos; Gallery of kooikerhondjes.

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    Kooiker, puppies; kooiker, adventures; movies of kooikerhondjes. Feit blijft dat u dan toch een hond hebt die niet is ingeschreven in het nhsb van de rvb. Hierdoor bent u beperkt in de mogelijkheden met uw hond.

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    Kooiker, dog; Nederlandse kooikerhondje; Small Dutch Waterfowl Dog; Pronunciation. Kooikerhondjes have very unique coats that.

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